About SCBA

The Sacramento County Bar Association’s mission is to promote justice and enhance diversity, with an emphasis on the Sacramento region’s community and legal profession.


The Sacramento County Bar Association [SCBA] is an active, vibrant community of dedicated lawyers serving as an advocate for the profession in leadership and service to the greater Sacramento community.


To enhance the system of justice, the lawyers who serve it, 
and the community served by it.


Foster an engaged, collegial, diverse, and supportive community of dedicated lawyers
Increase public understanding of the Rule of Law and the justice system
Serve as a leader in the civic and legal communities by having a positive impact on issues of importance
Increase access to justice for the poor and those of modest means
Develop the infrastructure and governance capacity to successfully implement the strategic plan


Sacramento County Bar Association’s first recorded minutes of bar business are dated June 24, 1918; Honorable Grove L. Johnson President. The first board meet was held at 700 Capitol National Bank Building. Subsequent meetings were held in Department Two of the Superior Court on the second floor corner of 6th and 7th of I Street. It wasn’t until October 21, 1949 that the Association incorporated and was granted 501c6 status.

At the inception of the Association, dues were $5 a year or $50 to be a life member. The Association’s bank balance began with $366.85.

SCBA Presidents

Archives provide the following Past Presidents:


1919 – May 1924 Grove L. Johnson
June 1924 – [term end unknown] Lester J. Hinsdale
1925 – 1926 – [unknown]
1927 – 1929 Herbert E. White
1930 Dal M. Lemmon
1931 – 1936 James D. Meredith
1937 – 1938B F. Van Dyke
1939 Ralph W. Lewis
1940 Fontaine Johnson
1941 Grover W. Bedeau
1942 Harry B. Seymour
1943 Gerald M. Desmond
1944 A. I. Diepenbrock
1945 Joseph W. Mento
1946 Cyril A. Coyle
1947 Evan J. Hughes
1948 Wilson Craven
1949 Albert E. Sheets
1950 Otto Rohwer – Jay L. Henry
1951 Robert A. Zarick
1952 Benjamin Frantz
1953 Gilford S. Rowland
1954 Kenneth G. McGilvray
1955 William A. Sitton
1956 Anthony Kennedy
1957 Joe M. Fitzwilliam
1958 Jerome M. McLaughlin
1959 John F. Downey

1960 John J. Wells
1961 Lawrence A. Schei
1962 Frank K. Richardson
1963 Bruce F. Allen
1964 Phillip C. Wilkins
1965 H. Harold Levy
1966 Forrest A. Plant
1967 Richard E. Crow
1968 Charles A. Barrett
1969 Robert H. Memering
1970 William H. Lally
1971 Charles F. Gray Jr.
1972 Norman D. Baldwin
1973 Kneeland H. Lobner
1974 Jerome R. Lewis
1975 Garth Scallon
1976 Morton L. Friedman
1977 Reynold J. Gualco
1978 Thomas A. Craven
1979 Philip Mering
1980 Robert C. Schleh
1981 Thomas W. Eres
1982 Joe S. Gray
1983 Orrin F. Finch
1984 Judith R. Campos
1985 Michael S. Sands
1986 James M. Mize
1987 William A. Kershaw

1988 Judith A. Harper
1989 Samuel L. Jackson
1990 Richard H. Hoffelt
1991 D. Thomas Woodruff
1992 Diane E. Wasznicky
1993 Gary S. Decker
1994 Kenneth M. Malovos
1995 Deborah M. Debow
1996Gary F. Loveridge
1997 Windie O. Scott
1998 James R. Greiner
1999 Emory L. King Jr
2000 Bruce C. Cline
2001 Barbara H. Yonemura
2002 Mark Shusted
2003 Bion M. Gregory
2004 Joan Stone
2005 W. Stuart Home III
2006 Jack C. Laufenberg
2007 Stacy Boulware-Eurie
2008 Christopher Krueger
2009 Michael Mills
2010 Todd Vlaanderen
2011 Michael Levy
2012 June D. Coleman
2013 Bruce M. Timm
2014 BJ Susich
2015 Angela Lai
2016 Heather Cline Hoganson
2017 Sabrina Thomas

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