SCBA Committees


There are two types of committees; Standing and Special or Ad Hoc.  Standing Committees are permanent committees that relate to on-going activities of the Association.  Membership in standing committees is option to all SCBA members who wish to participate.  Special committees are committees (also called Task Force) with either a limited charge created for a specific purpose or have specific program oversight responsibilities for which special knowledge and expertise is required.  Membership in special committees is limited to Presidential appointment subject to Board approval.


The structure of both types of committees is the same. The Chair and; Vice-Chair are appointed by the President of the Association.  Membership on committees is a privilege limited to members in good standing.  The SCBA staff will advise the Chair if a participant is a non-member.  It is the responsibility of the Chair to relay this policy as necessary.  The optimum size of a committee depends first on a common sense assessment of how many people are needed to do its work.  Conventional wisdom has suggested that the range of 7 to 15 members is optimal for most committees.  The term of service for standing committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs is one year.  Terms for special committee members are indefinite.  The SCBA requires that a final list of active committee members be reported to the Executive Director by April 1st of each year.  If a committee member fails to demonstrate a sufficient commitment to the work of the committee or fails to meet attendance requirements, which the committee may establish, the member may be removed or replaced upon approval of the Board of Directors.


Committees develop policy options for the Board of Directors and recommend actions for its consideration and approval.  Upon Board approval, the committee implements the action, ranging from holding a special event such as Law Day, to creating new panels of attorneys for LRIS Referrals.  The work of SCBA Committees is tremendously varied indeed, reflecting the diversity of interest of the Bar membership.

A committee’s size, the expertise of its members, its focused charge enable it to deal with issues in greater detail than can the full Board because small groups are often more adept at problem solving than larger groups.  Through discussion, study and review, committees can analyze issues within their jurisdiction more quickly arrive at more thoroughly deliberated recommendations, and usually reach consensus more quickly.  Accordingly, the Board relies upon committees to do much of the groundwork for its ultimate decision-making, which in turn may lead to the adoption, revision, or clarification of policy for the entire organization.

The primary role of any committee is to examine and act upon its specific mission statement [description] or assigned task.  Description of each committee follows:


Reviews income and expenses; advises Board on budget concerns and options.

Sean McCoy



Keeps SCBA bylaws up to date, both implementing Board decisions and providing options for fixing new problems.

Sean McCoy


Continuing Education of the Bar MCLE

Acts as liaison with CLE mandatory programs for local presentations.

Taylor Bentley

(916) 558-6000



Organizes delegates for SCBA participation at the conference of delegates; drafts and reviews resolutions.

Andi Liebenbaum

(626) 818-3740


Diversity Hiring and Retention

Encourages diversity hiring and retention in the legal community.

Sophia Kwan

Fee Arbitration

Arbitrates fee disputes arising between a client and attorney.

Ken Bacon
(916) 491-4246


Indigent Defense Panel

Governs the oversight, peer review and appointment of panelist to serve the courts.

Keith Staten



Evaluates candidates the Governor considers for judicial appointment.

Bruce Timm

Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Governs the referral service policies and structure for the public.

Peter Kyung
(916) 241-3336


Uses social media to serve the association and its members; improves SCBA website.


Oversees and advises the Board about member benefits and organizational marketing.

Co. Chairs
Toby Magarian
Heather Hoganson



Nominates candidates for SCBA officer and member at large positions, reviews nominations for Judge of the Year and Distinguished Attorney.

Michael Mills
(916) 447-0700


Pro Bono

Advises the Board about, and operates, the SCBA’s pro bono program.

Jeffrey Galvin


Publications Policy

Sets the policies and guidelines that govern the Association’s publications, including the magazine and Legal Directory.

Betsy S. Kimball
(916) 927-0700

Sports & Leisure Committee

The Committee will run the Annual Golf Tournament, facilitate the current Softball League, and may create a run/walk event for SCBA.

Committee Appointments
Mark Velasquez, Chair
Russ Carlson, Vice Chair
Dustin Amerin

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