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The Sections of the Sacramento County Bar Association are a part of the foundation for the governance of the organization and the substantive contribution of Association members to the administration of justice and the development and understanding of substantive law.



The Sections of the Sacramento County Bar Association are devoted to substantive areas of law or the special interest of a defined subgroup of members. Sections are responsible for:


  1. Sponsoring continuing legal education events in their area of practice or special interest.
  2. Providing opportunities for attorneys who share a practice area or special interest to meet and interact through meetings, programs, social events, luncheons, brown bag discussions and other means.
  3. Responding to requests for comment or cooperation from judicial departments dedicated to their substantive practice area and giving notice to their membership of local rule changes impacting their practice area.
  4. Serving in an advisory capacity should matters come before the Bar Council which require the special knowledge and expertise of Section members or which will potentially impact the practice of law within that area.
  5. Reviewing statutes relative to this area of practice and drafting or recommending SCBA positions or resolutions for consideration at the State Bar Conference of Delegates.



The leadership structure of sections is established by the charter of the section. In those sections, the officers — Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary / Treasurer — are usually elected by the section membership at an annual meeting. Membership in a section is open to all SCBA members in good standing who have paid the appropriate annual sections dues.



Tasks and Goals

Each section is requested to establish four essential subcommittees.


  1. Executive Committee — consisting of all four sections officers, this committee should hold monthly planning meetings to which the other three subcommittees will periodically report; to consider budget and finances, and transact necessary section business.
  2. MCLE Committee — responsible for planning monthly education events for section members. The chair of this committee should serve as liaison to the MCLE committee to avoid duplication of efforts, calendar conflicts and to promote the sharing of ideas and resources with the other County Bar Sections.
  3. Publicity Committee — responsible for keeping section members apprised of new developments within their practice area and submitting montly articles to the Docket on section activities and practice area developments; encouraged to consider development of a section newsletter featuring digests of court opinions, interviews with practice area judges and section news as a tangible benefit of section membership.
  4. Legislation — responsible for reviewing upcoming legislation affecting the practice area and recommending positions to the SCBA Council through the sections' executive Committee; encouraged to solicit and draft resolutions for the State Bar Conference of Delegates.



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